Selling your home in Nanaimo? Avoid these home buyer turnoffs

1.  Bad smells – Not all people are pet lovers.  Keep that in mind by changing your cats litter box regularly and vacuuming up after the dog.  Other smells that are turnoffs are strong, day old cooking odours especially garlic, onions & fish.

2.  Staying in the house during showings – Buyer’s will not feel comfortable having you there as they look through your home

3. Personal clutter – De-clutter your home before you list it.  This includes family photos, clutter on top of your counters and in some cases too much furniture.  It’s important for buyer’s to be able to picture their things in your space.

Buying a condo in Nanaimo? Here are a few things to consider first

I work with a number of downsizers here in Nanaimo.  Many of them are looking to move into a condo and leave the yard work behind.  There are a few things to consider when deciding which condo is right for you, such as the amount of the monthly strata fee, what the strata fee includes, and the current financial status of the Strata.  As a Realtor I always order two years of strata minutes which is a great way to see what types of complaints or issues owners have had in the building.


Nanaimo open houses – what you need to know before you go


Open houses are a great way to look for homes but can be time consuming.  Why not do some research before you hop in the car? Most Realtors post their open houses on the MLS.  They will be listed by date and neighbourhood.  Reviewing these will assist you in preparing a list of homes in the neighbourhoods you like as well as planning your tour in such a way that you’re not using up an inordinate amount of gas going from one home to the next.