Pricing a home for sale is not like pricing a car

There are three important things to think about when pricing your Nanaimo property.  First, the greatest opportunity you have to sell your home is when your property is new to the real estate market.  Next, that means that pricing your home accurately is extremely critical to your success.  Which means that over pricing your home - something that many inexperienced sellers try to do - will reduce the pool of interested, qualified buyers by almost half.

Wondering why your home isn't selling when the other one is?

Wondering what the top tips are for selling your home in today's Nanaimo BC real estate market?  First of all, be sure to declutter your home.  You want a prospective home buyer to imagine that they are living in your home, not you.  Next, seriously consider staging your home for sale, especially if it is vacant or your furnishings are older and outdated.  Your Realtor can give you tips on whether or not home staging makes sense for you.