Three ways to outbid the other buyer and get what you want

If I were to sell my home in Nanaimo the best thing that I would like to see is a bidding war, where there are two, three or more qualified and highly motivated buyers that want my home.  If you are a buyer in the middle of a bidding war, Realtors in Nanaimo will tell you that you should Put Your Best Offer Forward, Limit Your Contingencies, and know what really Motivates The Seller.

How to avoid the nightmare neighbour

With so many Nanaimo neighbourhoods to choose from how to you find one that's right for you?  First, visit the neighbourhood that you like at several different times, weekdays, evenings and weekends.  Next, make note of the differences during the different times - things like many parked cars or barking dogs.  Then, talk to the neighbors.  Tell them you're looking at different parts of Nanaimo to buy in and see what they have to say about what's good and what's bad about where they live today.

Why three is much better than two

When you're looking at Nanaimo real estate for sale it's a good idea to focus on three bedroom homes rather than two bedrooms.  That's because a third bedroom will give you multiple options like a home office or entertainment area.  Plus, you will always find a use for the extra space and when it comes time to sell your home in Nanaimo having a third bedroom will be very attractive to buyers.

Why so many buyers lose out on their dream home

The three top common mistakes that people buying homes for sale in Nanaimo make are to shop for homes that are not in their price range, look at houses in neighborhoods that they do not like, and not have enough money saved up to pay for their closing costs.  Surprisingly very few home buyers in Nanaimo have a good idea of how much money their closing costs will be when buying a home in Nanaimo!

How to make it easy for a seller to sell you their home

If you want to take the stress out of buying real estate in Nanaimo BC, the most important thing you can do is to get your lender to preapprove you before you even set foot in your first open house.  Getting preapproved means that you have given your mortgage broker all of the financial documentation that they need and they have told you how much of a mortgage you can qualify for, so that you know the price range of the houses for sale in Nanaimo that will be in your price range.

Five reasons to save before buying your new home

If you are considering purchasing a home for the first time in Nanaimo here are the top five reasons why you will want to have some money saved in the bank before buying real estate in Nanaimo:  Down Payment, Closing Costs, Cash Reserves, Moving Costs and those ever so unexpected but not so uncommon Miscalculations!

Curb Appeal Helps Sell Your Home Quickly

What the buyer sees when he first looks at your home for sale, stays with him for a long time. Be sure your home makes a good first impression. Don't ignore the front yard and entry way of your home.  Buyers  who see a home for sale that looks unappealing from the outside, just move along to the next listing without ever going through the door! Once the buyer goes through the door, staging your home with a few decorating changes will help him feel this is a home he might want to live in.

There are benefits to Saving money before buying a home

First time home buyers enhance their chances of getting a mortgage by saving some money ahead of time. It is important to have cash on hand to cover all costs associated with buying a home. Some things to consider are: down payment, closing costs, moving costs, cash reserves to cover the first few months payments and mathematical errors in budgeting or over estimating earnings.

Why Buy a house with good resale value?

Buying a house is exciting!  Buyers are often caught up in the moment and in the throes of making an immediate decision whether or not to buy, don’t usually look any further down the road than that. 
The Buyer should consider the following when choosing a home with good resale in mind: locations not backing onto busy streets, avoiding intersecting street corner locations, a house that is not necessarily the most expensive one on the street and be sure all essential shops and services are located nearby with a  local shopping centre that is healthy and busy.

Closings can be ruined by not fixing deficiencies

The best strategy for sellers to take is to be prepared!  One way to do this is to get a home pre-inspection and fix deficiencies before listing your Nanaimo home for sale.   Defects found during a home inspection by a buyer can be a deal breaker. By doing a pre-inspection you have an opportunity to fix or repair the things that could make a deal collapse. The expense of a pre inspection is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that comes with a successful buyers inspection.