Tips for selling a vacant home

The advantage to selling a vacant home is that you can offer quick possession to a buyer. Even though the home is vacant it is easier to sell if you continue to maintain the property by keeping utilities on, maintaining your landscaping and consider staging the home. Remember: First impressions are lasting impressions.

How to know when it is time to reduce your selling price

It is only natural to want to make as much money as possible on your house but, if you have had a steady flow of buyers viewing the house and have received no offers, it is often an indication the price is too high.

This is a good opportunity to ask your realtor to prepare an updated market analysis to determine if your price is indeed too high.

Painting to sell your house

A coat of fresh paint can make a world of difference when selling a house in Nanaimo. A few general rules to follow are: avoid loud, brash colors, choose trending colors to get the newest in vogue paint, paint the ceiling (if it is paintable) to brighten the room, use accent paint on doors, base boards, and door trim.

Receiving an offer on your home

Before you accept that offer on your Nanaimo home, here are 4 things to consider: First price, most initial offers are open for negotiation so try not to get your back up when you see the offer. Other important things to look at that may be negotiable are the size of the deposit, what subjects the buyer has assigned to the offer and what kind of closing dates they are proposing.

Nanaimo Real Estate

There are well over 20,000 realtors in British Columbia. A significant minority of them are well versed in the value of Nanaimo real estate. The natural beauty and beautiful views of Nanaimo homes for sale has served to create a very competitive real estate industry in Nanaimo.

Nanaimo Real Estate

Among the many sub-specialties of Nanaimo real estate are: oceanview (ocean view) property commercial property, condominiums for sale and Nanaimo homes for sale. Nanaimo realtor Lynn Donn has many years of experience in all areas of Nanaimo real estate. It won’t hurt to call her  at 250-800-2717 for you questions pertaining to Nanaimo real estate.

Nanaimo Realtors

There are many well qualified Nanaimo realtors. Some specialize in condominiums for sale; some have excellent track records for commercial property and the majority of Nanaimo realtors engage in Nanaimo homes for sale.

Nanaimo Realtors

Nanaimo Real Estate Market provides a wide database of Nanaimo homes for sale as well as of information regarding Nanaimo realtors. Call (250) 800-2717 to inquire.

Nanaimo Homes For Sale

Home listings in Nanaimo are a topic that most Nanaimo realtors are familiar with. The price range can vary from affordable to very expensive.  Many of the higher end homes consist of oceanview property. Nanaimo is well known for oceanview homes with spectacular views.

Nanaimo Homes For Sale

Before contacting any of the many well qualified Nanaimo realtors when you are researching Nanaimo homes for sale consider several factors such as length of experience as a Nanaimo realtor, reputation (ask friends and family for their recommendations) and type of Nanaimo real estate they normally engage in.

First time home buyer mistakes to avoid

First time home buyers often make the same mistakes.  In the excitement to purchase their first home they may be in a rush to make a deal and don’t do enough due diligence such as researching the neighbourhood they want to buy into.  Conversely, they may take too long to make an offer on the perfect home only to find that when they are ready the house has gone to someone else. Another common mistake is not thinking ahead.  For example what works today in the way of a home may be too small once the babies start coming.

Why you don’t want to skip doing a home inspection when buying a home

Home inspectors know what to look for.  They inspect at least one home a day and know where the problem areas are. A home inspector is a disinterested party; he is not involved in the emotional part of buying or selling the home and can look objectively at the house and deliver to you a factual, unbiased report on the condition of the home.

Most popular home renos for return on investment

The three renovations that are the most attractive to home buyers in Nanaimo are:
1.  Kitchen renovations
2.  Bathroom remodeling
3.  Adding an additional room

What makes a good real estate investment property?

Both houses and condos can make good real estate investments. You will want to look for one that is in a high-demand rental area, such as the University District or in Central Nanaimo near the hospital.  A good location ensures that you can find good tenants fast.  Another thing to look for is a property that is easy to maintain, and one that will be easy to sell when you decide to do so.  

Four ways to upgrade your kitchen before selling your house

Everyone knows that kitchens sell homes.  If you are thinking of selling your Nanaimo home but feel that the kitchen needs a little spiffing up here are a few ideas: Stainless steel appliances are still very much in demand.  Energy efficient lighting in the kitchen makes it easy to increase the light in a dark kitchen.  Add a beautiful glass or mosaic backsplash to liven up a kitchen.  Stick to neutral tones in paint choices and lighter wood stains for cabinets.

Are you thinking of downsizing your Nanaimo home?

Here are a few signs that may indicate it’s time to move:  You have the urge to travel more but the responsibility of home ownership is too demanding.  You are finding that there are rooms in your house that you don’t use.  You have a lot of money tied up in your house that you could be using for other things and your spare bedrooms are now being used for storage.  If this is the case for you maybe its time to downsize to a patio home or condo.

The Nanaimo real estate market

Here is a quick snapshot of the state of the Nanaimo real estate market as of July 1 , 2015:  Based on single family home sales in Nanaimo there were 42% more homes sold in June 2015 than there were in June 2014. Average sale price was $397,448 up 10% from June 2014 and it was taking 17% fewer days to sell a home than it did the same time last year.

Tips for buying a summer cabin

In Nanaimo our summers are lovely and many people like to go camping or enjoy a summer cabin.  If you are considering purchasing a cabin you may wish to go and camp or spend some time in the area you are looking at before you invest.  Make sure the climate, neighbours, noise levels etc. are all comfortable to you.  Making a list of the amenities and features of the area you are looking for can go a long way in helping you decide where to buy.

Selling a vacant home in Nanaimo

There are pros & cons to selling a vacant home .  The pros are that the buyer can get almost immediate possession of the house once they buy it.  The cons are that a vacant house just doesn’t show as well as a nicely furnished home.  If your home is vacant make sure to arrange for someone to maintain the landscaping .  Curb appeal is very important when selling a home.  If your budget allows, you may wish to have the house professionally staged. According to the Real Estate Staging Association, professionally staged listings spend 73 percent less time on the market.

Selling your home in Nanaimo? Avoid these home buyer turnoffs

1.  Bad smells – Not all people are pet lovers.  Keep that in mind by changing your cats litter box regularly and vacuuming up after the dog.  Other smells that are turnoffs are strong, day old cooking odours especially garlic, onions & fish.

2.  Staying in the house during showings – Buyer’s will not feel comfortable having you there as they look through your home

3. Personal clutter – De-clutter your home before you list it.  This includes family photos, clutter on top of your counters and in some cases too much furniture.  It’s important for buyer’s to be able to picture their things in your space.

Buying a condo in Nanaimo? Here are a few things to consider first

I work with a number of downsizers here in Nanaimo.  Many of them are looking to move into a condo and leave the yard work behind.  There are a few things to consider when deciding which condo is right for you, such as the amount of the monthly strata fee, what the strata fee includes, and the current financial status of the Strata.  As a Realtor I always order two years of strata minutes which is a great way to see what types of complaints or issues owners have had in the building.


Nanaimo open houses – what you need to know before you go


Open houses are a great way to look for homes but can be time consuming.  Why not do some research before you hop in the car? Most Realtors post their open houses on the MLS.  They will be listed by date and neighbourhood.  Reviewing these will assist you in preparing a list of homes in the neighbourhoods you like as well as planning your tour in such a way that you’re not using up an inordinate amount of gas going from one home to the next.

Top pick of Nanaimo homes for sale

My ‘Top pick’ this week is a lovely rancher style home in the Avonlea neighbourhood in North Jingle Pot. 3561 WINDY POPLARS PLACE is a lovely 1471 Sq. foot rancher situated in a nice cul-de-sac. The backyard has a stunning - full water fall and pretty garden complimented with a new 120sf studio, complete with hydro and heating.  This home is move in ready with a nice open concept, hard wood floors, two sided gas fireplace, beautiful ensuite and gourmet kitchen. $409,900.

Top pick of Nanaimo condos for sale

This week’s Top condo pick is a 900 sq. foot, 2 bedroom, and ocean view suite with a large 150 sq. foot deck.

411-770 POPLAR STREET in the Brechin Hill neighbourhood is ideal as it is close to shopping, public transit, hospital and BC Ferries.  Some upgrades have been done including laminate floors, paint and baseboards. Asking $199,900

Nanaimo home Buyer tips

In addition to the purchase price of the home you want to buy, it is important to budget for the extra costs & fees involved in purchasing a home. In order for your sale to complete there are fees owed on, or by, closing day. Most of these fees are in addition to, and separate from, your mortgage loan.  Experts recommend budgeting at least 1.5% of the purchase price toward closing costs.

Nanaimo home seller tips

Before listing your Nanaimo house for sale, it is important to get out the calculator and figure out how much you will have left over after it sells. Nobody likes “surprises” and too often home sellers forget the associated costs of selling their Nanaimo property.  

Here are a few things to subtract from your sale proceeds: first & second mortgage payouts and any associated penalties, any liens you may have on your Title, legal fees plus GST, any outstanding property taxes & real estate commissions plus GST.


Nanaimo home seller tips

Should you accept the first offer you get on your house? Historically, the first offer is often the best offer.  With this in mind, though, I wouldn’t be quick to suggest discounting the home especially if it has just come onto the market.  A few things to consider before accepting or countering an offer are: current inventory levels, knowing whether it is a balance, buyers or sellers’ market, and what percentage of asking price the average home is receiving currently.  All this information can be supplied to you by your Realtor.

Nanaimo home buyer tips

Buying a home does not have to be stressful if you make sure to prepare yourself in advance.  Here are a few things to do before you start the home buying process.  1. Get pre-approved before you start shopping.  That way you are ready to make an offer when the right home presents itself. 2. Shop in your price range.  This one seems obvious but many buyers do look at homes in a price range that is higher than they can afford.  3. Know your closing costs.  There are additional costs to buying a house over and above the sale price. 4. Work with a Realtor.  Many buyers do not realize that the seller pays the Realtor not the Buyer.  Take advantage of the market knowledge a Realtor can offer you. 

Top pick of Nanaimo condos for sale – investor alert

This week’s Top condo pick is a two bedroom condo. 3-68 MILL STREET is an ideal condo for both a first time home buyer and an investor.  The Strata allows rentals.  The location is ideal as it is close to Bowen Park and within walking distance to the ocean.  Some upgrades have been done including laminate floors, paint and appliances. 793 Sq. feet at $115,000

Top pick of Nanaimo homes for sale

My ‘Top pick’ this week is a lovely family home in my own neighbourhood, Stephenson Point. 3455 BUDEHAVEN DRIVE This well-kept home has some wonderful features which include high ceilings, formal living and dining room, 4 or 5 bedrooms, beautiful wood floors and a pretty breakfast nook in the white kitchen.  The best feature, in my opinion, is that the lovely, private back yard backs right onto Planta Park. A must see home.  2522 Sq. feet at $479,900

Nanaimo home seller tips

If you are considering doing some upgrades to your home before you put it on the market, these three upgrades can make your home more appealing to buyers.
1.        Updated Kitchens – The #1 feature that today’s buyers are looking for in a home is an updated kitchen.
2.       Updated bathrooms – The 2nd most appealing feature to buyer’s is a home with updated bathrooms.

Nanaimo home buyer tips

Moving costs can be hefty.  Here are four things to consider when you put your moving budget together: 
Do you hire a professional moving company or do you move yourself?
How do you and your family make the move?  If you are moving across the country you will need to budget in flights or gas, meals and accommodation.
The cost of packing materials, such as boxes and tape can add up so budget for that.
Utility fees such as hooking up your hydro, gas etc.

Top pick of Nanaimo condos for sale

This weeks Top condo pick, is in the Seascape Building on Departure Bay Rd.  The address of this 1134 sq. foot ocean view condo is 312-2560 DEPARTURE BAY ROAD. This unit has an updated kitchen and lovely hardwood floors, wide base boards and both bedrooms enjoy views of the Bay.  This one will not last at $229,900.

Top pick of Nanaimo homes for sale

This weeks ‘Top pick’ is a lovely upscale home at 6172 NITINAT WAY in North Nanaimo.  Location is perfect for families with kids in Dover high school or McGirr Elementary. The house was built in 2010 and features a wonderful modern, open concept layout, gourmet kitchen and a heat pump.  It’s been beautifully maintained and is move-in ready. 2064 Sq. feet at $499,900.

Mission Of Nanaimo Real Estate Market

Nanaimo, British Columbia offers some of the most beautiful scenery in North America. The demand for homes is constantly growing and buyers often seek professional assistance about homes for sale in Nanaimo. Often ocean view property is the first topic prospective purchasers inquire about.

The primary mission of Nanaimo Real Estate Market is to provide first-step online information and guidance pertaining to the best buys for Nanaimo homes for sale and tips for both home buyers and sellers alike. Additionally, Nanaimo real estate and facsimiles is an important subject. Nanaimo real estate and facsimiles has not been properly considered by other forums which address Nanaimo real estate even though it is very important.

Information pertaining to Nanaimo homes for sale and Nanaimo condominiums for sale will be posted on a regular basis. Occasionally evaluations of the best Nanaimo realtors will also be offered. All of the information and tips regarding Nanaimo real estate is based on the experience of Nanaimo real estate agents. 

Nanaimo oceanfront property for sale

Nanaimo is a very beautiful city with spectacular views. One of the major subdivisions of Nanaimo real estate is Nanaimo ocean front property for sale. Nanaimo homes with ocean view are always in high demand and Nanaimo real estate agents realize that it is the most lucrative field of the Nanaimo real estate market.

Lynn Donn specializes in Nanaimo oceanfront real estate. Waterfront property in Nanaimo offers beautiful scenery. Occasionally Nanaimo ocean front homes come at surprisingly affordable prices but only a select few of Nanaimo realtors maintain up-to-date listings to help their clients find those bargains. Anyone interested in Nanaimo homes for sale should also consider oceanfront homes for sale in Nanaimo.