How a condo can cost you more that you expect

When you are looking at condos for sale in Nanaimo BC you should keep in mind that buying a condo is not like buying a house.  Condos typically come with a lot more amenities than do houses, things like social areas, swimming pools and club houses.  There are also fees for the utilities, maintenance and repairs costs, so it is important to know which ones you will pay for and which expenses are in included in the monthly Strata.

Three ways to outbid the other buyer and get what you want

If I were to sell my home in Nanaimo the best thing that I would like to see is a bidding war, where there are two, three or more qualified and highly motivated buyers that want my home.  If you are a buyer in the middle of a bidding war, Realtors in Nanaimo will tell you that you should Put Your Best Offer Forward, Limit Your Contingencies, and know what really Motivates The Seller.

How to avoid the nightmare neighbour

With so many Nanaimo neighbourhoods to choose from how to you find one that's right for you?  First, visit the neighbourhood that you like at several different times, weekdays, evenings and weekends.  Next, make note of the differences during the different times - things like many parked cars or barking dogs.  Then, talk to the neighbors.  Tell them you're looking at different parts of Nanaimo to buy in and see what they have to say about what's good and what's bad about where they live today.

Why three is much better than two

When you're looking at Nanaimo real estate for sale it's a good idea to focus on three bedroom homes rather than two bedrooms.  That's because a third bedroom will give you multiple options like a home office or entertainment area.  Plus, you will always find a use for the extra space and when it comes time to sell your home in Nanaimo having a third bedroom will be very attractive to buyers.