Things that can go wrong when you have an offer on your house

Selling houses in Nanaimo BC can be harder than you might think, especially when your real estate deal begins to fall apart!  Things that can go wrong include the Buyer not being thoroughly qualified by the Lender, Contract Contingencies that have not been resolved, and poor results from a home inspection. 

Why a good Realtor can save you time and money

Need tips for selling your home in Nanaimo?  The first, last and most important tip is to use a Realtor.  And no, this isn't a self-serving post.  Here's why.  Realtors are legally required to follow certain rules and codes of conduct, plus they are trained to spot flaws and defects that the average lay person would miss.  Just as importantly they can foresee problems with contracts, inspections, loans and closing issues - and get them solved before they end up harming your deal.  Selling and buying houses is their specialty.

Why you should sell when other people are not

Homes for sale in Nanaimo BC often sell fastest over the holiday season.  Surprised?  It's true that many home sellers believe that November and December are the worst months for selling a home.  While there are fewer buyers out looking for a home to buy over the holiday season, those that are looking are typically highly motivated.  These buyers need to buy fast due to a job relocation, because they have already sold the home they live in now, or a change in family situation.

Tips to selling your house in the winter months

There are usually not as many home buyers in the market in the winter months but those that are shopping are usually motivated.  To get your home sold in the winter time, it’s important that it shows well.  Here in Nanaimo the winter months can be a little dreary so making your house look cozy and inviting is a great way to make people ‘feel at home’.